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Our production charger models are complete, the power range covers 15W-4800 watts, dedicated to UPS, energy storage, and power lithium batteries, can be widely used in hand tools, electric bicycles, motorcycles, cleaning equipment, electric forklifts, electric ball carts And large energy storage batteries. Our charger is a switching power supply type high frequency intelligent charger, which is efficient and safe.

1. Well-designed, compact, energy efficient. The products have been tested and improved, and they have excellent performance in terms of volume and work efficiency. The product has the advantages of high charging efficiency, low energy consumption, small size and portability.
2. Intelligent monitoring, multi-charge protection. All chargers are controlled by intelligent chips, the charging process monitors and works automatically during the whole process, providing timely protection and alarm when the fault occurs. The product is equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit, reverse connection and overtime protection, safe and secure.
3. Four-stage automatic charging, fast charging, no damage to the battery, and extended battery life. The charging process is low-voltage pre-charge, constant current fast charge, constant voltage slow charge, and full turn-off four stages.
4. High quality and low defect rate. The products are subjected to at least 4 hours of aging test, two performance tests and one factory test before leaving the factory.
5. Some models can be equipped with PFC (power factor correction), full voltage input, IP67 waterproof and other functions.




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